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We are convinced that connected systems must allow us to meet the great challenges of our time and those to come.
Connect and create for change

Our playgrounds

By giving meaning to our actions, by creating a link, we can have a positive impact on the world.
Enjeux mobilité

Accelerate the transformation of mobility

Support the energy transition of vehicles. Develop new connected services for smoother, safer and more inclusive urban mobility. Create the traveler experiences of tomorrow.

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Enjeux sécurité

Make the world safer

Anticipate, detect and manage crisis situations. Securing sensitive infrastructure at scale. Strengthen the operational efficiency of security teams thanks to digital technology.

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Enjeux santé

Act for health thanks to digital innovations

Support players in the health sector in the development of their digital solutions.

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Enjeux environnement

Better understand and protect our planet

Support research to accelerate knowledge of our ecosystems. Support energy players in their transition to carbon neutrality.

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Enjeux industrie

Imagine the industries of the future

Ensure safety and productivity through predictive maintenance. Digitize logistics processes. Strengthen the operational and environmental efficiency of production chains.

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Enjeux performance

Strengthen the performance and efficiency of organizations

Deploy new collaborative working methods. Improve the efficiency and security of information systems. Develop high-performance and inclusive business applications and user interfaces.

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Enjeux mobilitéEnjeux sécuritéEnjeux santéEnjeux environnementEnjeux industrieEnjeux performance


For more than 35 years, the IT Link Group has developed its expertise around a technical base covering the entire value chain of connected systems: from embedded technologies to user interfaces.

Products and strategic partners

Our expertise is based on a technological base made up of products and solutions from our own research and development centers, as well as on strategic partnerships in the fields of hardware, cloud, cybersecurity and digital workspace.

Counting and flow analysis solutions for safer, smarter and more sustainable mobility.
Protection and alert management solutions for people on the move and sensitive infrastructure.
Accelerate your transformation with Google Cloud.
Your applications have no limits with the power of the cloud.
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